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People who attempt to whiten their teeth with store-bought products may experience lack-luster results. The truth is that nothing compares to getting a professional whitening treatment performed by a dentist. Teeth whitening involves brightening the shade of one's teeth by using a special type of bleach to target any stains and discoloration.

Teeth whitening is offered at Smile Start in Los Angeles. While there are a countless number of teeth whitening brands these days, the whitening agents in them are nowhere as powerful as those we use in our office. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry states that a single professional whitening treatment can improve the color of a patient's teeth by up to 10 shades after a single session.

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Teeth Whitening Treatment Cost

  • – $200/ Session
  • – 1 Session = 1 hour
  • – Organic teeth whitening
  • – Up to 5-8 shades whiter in just one session
  • Benefits of professional teeth Whitening

    Patients interested in teeth whitening, need to go over a few steps with us. Along with in-office teeth whitening, there are take-home kits that can further the whitening treatment at the patient's home. The benefits of teeth whitening treatments include:

  • Improving the color of the patient’s teeth
  • An in-office whitening session can take less than an hour
  • It is a non-invasive treatment that does not involve any pain
  • It is useful when it comes to eliminating the most common types of stains found on teeth
  • Increasing the patient’s confidence in their smile to boost self-esteem
  • Only causes minor sensitivity
  • It is an effective alternative to dental prosthetics
  • Besides being less effective than professional whitening treatments, over-the-counter whiteners are more likely to damage the user's enamel. Lower quality brands, in particular, tend to be the most damaging to enamel since they are most likely to contain harsh abrasives.

    Professional whitening treatments can help deal with most types of stains and discoloration, including:

  • Stains caused by consuming foods and beverages with powerful coloring agents like red wine, coffee and pasta sauce
  • Yellow color caused by aging
  • Brown stains on teeth
  • Most types of stains formed on teeth besides those caused by tooth decay or fluorosis
  • Types of teeth whitening Treatments

    The two main ways to improve the color of teeth are:

    Teeth whitening

    These products use a strong adhesive to remove surface stains from teeth surfaces. Most of these can be purchased over the counter, and they do not do much for any stains that have made their way into the dentin. Common examples of teeth whitening products include whitening toothpaste and pens.

    Teeth bleaching

    These treatments change the color of the patient's teeth by removing stains deep in the dentin and those on the surface. The common active ingredient in such products is carbamide peroxide. An in-office bleaching session typically involves the dentist using a laser or ultraviolet light to speed up the process. This combined with the more potent nature of the solutions used by dentists usually keeps treatment times somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour.

    The teeth whitening Process

    The dentist will protect the patient's gums with a shield or gel, and a mouth tray is usually used to apply the product. Dentists also provide professional whitening kits patients can take home with them. These are not as potent as the solutions used in-office since the dentist will not be there to supervise the use of the product.

    However, they are still more effective at whitening teeth than the teeth bleaching products that are sold over the counter. The patient will usually be given a customized mouthguard to apply the product with. At-home teeth whitening kits can be a great way to maintain the new color of teeth after whitening treatments.

    Patients should remember that their teeth will most likely continue being exposed to the things that led to them becoming discolored in the first place, so maintenance treatments are necessary to keep teeth looking pearly white at all times. Lifestyle choices like how often the person drinks coffee or uses tobacco products will determine how often maintenance treatments are needed.

    What you need to know about teeth Whitening

    When done under the guidance of a dentist, teeth whitening is a safe, non-invasive treatment that can meaningfully improve the color of a person's teeth. It produces noticeable results after a single in-office treatment.

    Before performing teeth whitening treatments, patients should address any underlying dental issues they have. The procedure can lead to temporary teeth sensitivity, and that can be uncomfortable for people with tooth decay, gum disease or sensitive teeth.

    When done without the supervision of a dentist, teeth bleaching treatments can lead to the gums becoming bleached or burned if the solution is allowed to seep into them. It is little things like these that make in-office treatments the preferred option since these risks are minimized.

    Teeth whitening is not effective on all types of discoloration and stains. Grayish or purplish stains are typically resistant to these treatments. Dental prosthetics like crown and veneers can be used to deal with such stains.

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