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4 Easy Steps

How It Works - Step 1

1. Preview Your New Smile Today

Schedule an appointment. During your appointment you will discuss your goals with your assigned Care Coordinator, and then open up…we take a digital scan of your teeth at no cost. From there you’ll see what we can do. We demonstrate how your smile will look at the end of treatment. Ready to improve your smile?

How It Works - Step 2

2. Discuss Treatment Options

Your Care Coordinator will discuss different treatment options and payment plans, priced up to 40% less than traditional providers.

How It Works - Step 3

3. Your Kit Arrives, Visit Store

It’s go time! In two weeks your Invisalign® kit will have arrived. Make an appointment to your local SMILE START doctor when it’s convenient for you. Begin wearing your aligners as directed by your doctor, and watch as your smile is transformed.

How It Works - Step 4

4. Smile A Lot, You Deserve It!

Throughout your treatment, consult with our on-site doctor for professional oversight about your plan, ​your kit, your teeth, or any problems!

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Not only do we charge up to $3000 less than the national average, but much more...

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